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    Handmade Dairy Flavors

    Served in a cup, complimentary cake cone, or waffle cone

    Banoffee Pie (buh-NAWF-fee)

    Toffee ice cream with fresh banana chunks, dulce de leche swirl and buttery, cinnamon graham cracker crunch.

    *Contains dairy, gluten, soy lecithin, cinnamon

    Birthday Mamon

    Birthday cake batter with gooey cream cheese + housemade yellow sponge cake chunks.

    *Contains: dairy, egg, soy lecithin, gluten


    Dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered puffed rice crunch and sweet condensed milk swirl.

    *Contains dairy, egg, gluten

    Choco Peanut

    Milk chocolate ice cream with peanut sauce swirl, hand-stretched honey peanut nougat and scratch-made candied peanuts with a cinnamon milk powder finish.

    *Contains dairy, peanut, honey, cinnamon

    Keso Guava Cheesecake (KEH-so)

    Mild cheddar cheesecake ice cream with scratch-made guava preserve swirl and cinnamon graham crunch.

    *Contains dairy, gluten, soy lecithin, cinnamon

    Jackfruit Chili Nut

    Mellow jackfruit cream with lightly roasted chili cashew nuts.

    *Contains tree nut cashew, dairy

    Mango Peach Pie

    Mango ice cream with peach mango fruit swirls and pie crust crunch.

    *Contains: dairy, egg, soy lecithin, gluten, cinnamon

    Milo Rocky Road

    Malted Milo chocolate ice cream with marshmallow creme swirl and peanuts.

    *Contains dairy, egg, soy lecithin, gluten, peanut

    Pineapple Cake

    Pineapple cake batter ice cream with macerated pineapple and cherry compote swirls.

    *Contains dairy, egg, gluten, soy lecithin

    Sampaguita (sahm-pa-GEE-tuh)

    Almond vanilla bean ice cream perfumed with a hint of jasmine + lychee jellies.

    *Contains dairy, almond


    Soysauce butterscotch

    A brown sugar and vanilla ice cream with umami notes of soy sauce and a hint of Maldon salt.

    *Contains dairy, soy, gluten


    Ube Latte (OO-beh or OO-bee)

    An espresso-forward flavor. Sweet purple yam ice cream swirled with french roast ice cream.

    *Contains dairy, caffeine


    Handmade Vegan Flavors

    Served in a cup or complimentary cake cone

    Buko Pandan (BOO-koh)


    Pandan coconut ice cream with young coconut shreds.

    Made from coconut.

    *Contains coconut

    Mango Float


    Mango and sweet cream with marshmallows and graham cracker crunch. Made from coconut and soy.

    *Contains gluten, coconut, soy, soy lecithin

    Coffee & Biskwit


    Kape at biskwit. Espresso coffee ice cream with biscuit crumble. Made with oat (oatly).

    *Contains soy lecithin, gluten, oat.

    Rotating Sorbet


    GuavaCreamsicle. Sweet and tart guava sorbet swirled with coconut ice cream.

    *Contains coconut

  • Premium Soft Cream

    Served in a cup, complimentary cake cone, or waffle cone (waffle cones are not vegan) 

    Traditional Dairy



    Vanilla & Ube Swirl

    *Contains dairy

    Vegan (made from Oat)



    Vanilla & Ube Swirl

    *No major allergens

  • Scoop Sizes



    1 full size scoop


    Choose your vessel


    2 full size scoops or combination of scoop + soft cream


    Choose your vessel


    3 full size scoops or combination of soft cream


    Choose your vessel


    6 full size scoops of your choice or soft cream + 6 toppings of your choice (toppings are optional)


    Served in a single tray

  • Vessels



    to go- plastic cup with a lid

    for here- branded cup

    Cake Cone (v)

    *contains gluten, soy lecithin

    Waffle Cone

    Homemade vanilla waffle cone

    *contains wheat, soy lecithin, egg, milk

    Dipped Waffle Cone

    Homemade vanilla waffle cone dipped in chocolate coating and coated with crunchy pareil sprinkles.

    *contains wheat, soy lecithin, egg, milk

  • Toppings


    Rainbow sprinkles (v)

    Housemade ube sprinkles (v)

    Oreos (v)

    Coconut flakes (v)

    Peanuts (v)

    Housemade ube whipped cream

    Traditional whipped cream



    Pineapple caramel

    Hot fudge

    Ube sauce

    Condensed milk

    Peanut magic shell (v)


  • Shakes (dairy or vegan)

    Served in a 16oz cup


    Home made strawberry compote blended with vanilla

    *available vegan (made from oat)


    Sweet purple yam

    *available vegan (made from oat)


    Traditional vanilla

    *available vegan (made from oat)


    Oreo and Vanilla

    *available vegan (made from oat)

  • Specials/Sundaes

    Halo Halo

    A traditional & iconic shaved ice filipino dessert filled with textures and tropical flavors


    Layers of scratchmade coconut pandan jellies, palm nut fruit, macapuno (coconut strings), ube halaya (ube jam), shaved ice, milk, corn flakes, toasted rice, flan (dairy only), jackfruit, your choice of soft cream, ube sauce (dairy only), and condensed milk (dairy only).


    *contains gluten, soy lecithin, coconut, dairy, egg

    *available vegan, made with oat and coconut based substitutions including flan

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    Bruleed banana split with your choice of 3 ice cream flavors, peanuts, hot fudge, and traditional whipped cream.


    *contains peanut, dairy, soy lecithin + additional allergens in ice cream choices

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    Ube Brownie Sundae

    Warmed homemade ube brownie with your choice of ice cream flavor, ube sauce, ube sprinkles, and ube whipped cream.


    *contains gluten, dairy, egg, soy lecithin

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    Classic Sundae (Fudge Brownie)

    Warmed homemade fudge brownie with chocolate chips and sea salt, your choice of ice cream flavor, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, and traditional whipped cream.


    *contains gluten, dairy, egg, soy lecithin

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    Seasonal Float (October: Strawberry Dragonfruit for BCA)

    Macerated strawberry, dragonfruit juice, vanilla soft cream, and decorated with a breast cancer awareness ribbon. 20% of each seasonal float will go towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation

    *can be made vegan without the white chocolate breast cancer ribbon and requesting vegan vanilla

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    **Please be aware that our food may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, or sesame. While we take steps to minimize risk and safely handle the foods that contain potential allergens, please be advised that cross contamination may occur. **